Its all starting again
After the much needed rest, our dear team will reassemble begining from 08-08-2014 to start our preparations for the new season
As a new team in the first division, it is our uttermost ambition to play to maintain the status by the end of the season.
This is a stage we have all worked very very hard to arrive at and therefore, we cant relax in attitudes and energy levels as we enter into our pre-season period
on behalf of management, i wish to welcome all players , both old and new to our dear Dreams FC . In the coming days you will quickly know all about the *dreams way* of football.I wish all of you a happy stay with the club.I welcome back  all members of management, technical team and everybody connected to our dear club.Work begins from now!
Technical team
Like we all know, there will be some changes to our technical team with the departure of headcoach Henry Wellington.We wish Welly the very best of dreams luck in his new challenge at Dunkwa United.
Our vision is very clear-give young footballers the tuition and opportunities to be able to realise life long ambitions. To be competitive and to win games. This we will continue to the best of our abilities.The technical team is being strengthened and more announcements will be made in the coming days
To help our players adopted quicker to our way of football, the club has gotten new accomodation for players in the Kweiman environs. This is important as it makes it easier  for our players to get to the training grounds
Inner Perimeter
As a requirement, we will be constructing an inner perimeter around our pitch for our league games. Work on this has started and we hope it will be completed before the commencement of the season.This is part of our strategy to bring top flight football to the people of Kweiman who have been very good partners
Once again i welcome everybody back to the family where we will all realise our dreams
In God we trust